Friday, April 17, 2009

Oh, The Places You'll Go

Do I have that Dr. Seuss title correct? Maybe if the book was written by Norman Bates. Here are some of the pages you might see in such a book. The cigar store Indian is at 63rd, the nameless hotel at 54th, then you switch buses at 31st. There's a bar called Tit's around 25th, the elevated tracks are at 23rd (one of my all time favorite photos, I took it in 1987). And then there's a building right off of Pulaski and Madison Street, which is Zero Street. After this you are officially northside. Look close, there's a man's body on the sidewalk there (this photo is circa 1990). I went and got my anti-inflammatory shots there today, its what you do when you don't have health insurance in this city.