Thursday, August 12, 2010

Carmak Road

On one of the days I left Holy Cross Hospital, I took the California bus to Cermak, which is a decent artery that is about 2300 South. In fact, the borders of my Chinatown photos show the tail end of Cermak. I took a ton of photos, most are on my Flickr page. Cermak is the heart of the Mexican neighborhood of the Southwest side, and I found it interesting to see a toy store next to a pawn shop, that freakish hair salon display, and--right in the middle of the block, no  real sign or anything--a bus terminal with a Chicago-Mexico route. Being used to Greyhound, it just seemed odd, more like people lining up for an outing to a casino in Michigan City.

Oh, and dig that mortgage place. They must have been doing great business.