Friday, October 3, 2008

Run For The White House

Personally, I'd run FROM the White House as it was in flames with Bush and Cheney turned into Dudley Manlove and Tor Johnson from PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE. Hell, I suppose Condie Rice could be Vampira, with Donald Rumsfeld multi-tasking under the title of "Really Cheap Special Effects." I think if I was the guy running for president with a woman VP on the ticket and I'm not naming names, the best way to win the election is to dress up like The Jester, some guy from on old Marvel comic I discovered in the recesses of my lab. The last few years Marvel has found success with MARVEL ZOMBIES and MARVEL APES, and I'm not certain if this tells much about the future of comics, this one fellow up in Nova Scotia came up with some pretty cool variations on a theme. On a slightly more arcane note, Steve Malley sent me a link for some site where people made My Pretty Ponies into Aliens and Cthulhus and worse. The next day I read an article about a BBC America show that I intend to watch on Sunday about "reborns"--go Google that, I'll wait--called MY FAKE BABY. Plastic dolls with fake hearts and nerve endings and all the crap that made Phil Dick crazy ahead of his time. I emailed back to 'ol Malley that maybe the show should be called MY LITTLE TONY...if you like the joke or not, oh well, I'm still going to watch the thing and end up having nightmares like I did after researching the Bobo experiment.