Monday, December 4, 2006

Twilight Zone

I have no clue why I can post photos from work--an option I do not have--yet I am unable to do so at home. Well, I changed the blog to be lefty. I'm just saying, is all. The background color is the closest to Frankenstein as I can get w/o it looking like pea soup. It is dang dagnab it cold here; 60s last week, 15 yesterday. In an hour, I'll be leaving work to wait for a bus on a six-lane highway, the interchange for Interstate 94 and Illinois Route 50, and oh yes, ramps that go every which way to the Tri-State Tollway. I stand under a pole in front of a house that has a green dolphin on its mailbox. I plan on making my wait in the cold enjoyable by either imagining Rod Serling is dictating my life in the background behind the inflatable Santa or pretending to be a serial killer hitchhiker. Of course, I can't drive, so after killing whomever, I'm pretty much SOL as soon as CSI Alsip shows up. I'd be a block away, waiting for a bus in front of the Bass Club neon sign. Ruminations on a cold, cold night, this is all. Oh, by the way, if the time stamp seems odd, it is because I have set the blog entries to the time zone in Ulan Baator, Mongolia. I'm just saying, is all. Off to see Mr. Serling, I remain your frozen chattel, Wayne