Saturday, December 22, 2007

Bruce Willis Hit By A Disfiguring Ray

There's always been talk that when I shave my head I can look like a decent Bruce Willis, but with sunken cheeks. I blame that on the four bottom teeth I knocked out with my own fist from my broken arm, after I was hit by the car in 1989. In 2002, when we hosted the World Horror Convention, I put in my bio that I'd be the guy looking like Willis hit by a disfiguring ray. That quote still is bandied about at different get-togethers. Myself, I see Andy Sipowicz's bags under my eyes and Abe Vigoda's crooked nostrils. Willis is the man, and I my guilty pleasure is a Kurt Russell film, but one thing I can say, I can never be compared to Mitchum. It all comes back to him...Wayne

Breaking the 4th Wall, Eternal Mitchum & Stewart

Anyone who reads comics is familiar with breaking the fourth wall, and for those who are still confused, Starman might help you out with his questioning "the audience." Chris Turek sent me this Christmas card today, and yes it would be great to see a world Eternally Mitchum. Clouds would wave hello and it would rain vanilla ice cream or Seagram's gin. All pizza would be free. Oh, and dolphins could talk and prove their superiority over humans, as I've always suspected. The last panel of my entry is included not just for its creepiness, but because Santa looks very much like the guy that Chris and I worked for at that comic shop fifteen years ago. Oh, one more thing. Just like in BLADERUNNER, there would be floating advertising cubes, only with photos of Bobby the Mitch in alternating teal and magenta backgrounds. I think I could live there...Wayne