Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Please No Weapons

These are from two weeks ago, when I took the 383 bus to the Orange Line to the Green Line to the 309 bus through Oak Park, then Maywood and into Melrose Park to then spend three hours with an end result of filling out an application that will simply get the Dept. of Human Services to reply with an appointment letter to *return* to see a caseworker. Got that? Then back home, so start time 7 AM, home by 3 PM, part of it being that the 309 bus runs only once an hour. I'll post photos of Oak Park next, but the 309 starts where the Green Line runs, at Lake Street. The viaducxt more or less separates good from bad, and unfortunately, ALL of the 309 bus route runs along Lake Street. So here's a few photos, some guy with a behooved look on his face and some strange luggage, people too lazy to throw clothing into a clothing recycling bin, and a waiting room filled with Arabs, Poles, Latinos, and me. Much like my block in Burbank. Best part? The sign on the bus that reads Please No Weapons.