Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Old 8th District

The new 8th District cop house is big and practical, I'm sure. But on the outside, it looks like a new library, so of course I took no photos of it. I'd been in the old joint several times, visiting my dad. No, really. Visiting my dad. There was a pay phone just past the front door, then you did this half-turn as you walked up a few more steps, and then you had to be grilled by the watch commander. The empty parking lot looks sad. This is at 63rd & St. Louis, about halfway between Pulaski & Kedzie in our wonderful grid-pattern city. As I took thr photo of the parking lot, I saw the house with the wind vane at 63rd Place & Homan, a zig zag through the lot got me there. Another few blocks towards Kedzie I found this cool building--I'm sure the architecturally-inclined amongst you could tell me if that's Art Deco or not--and I took a far shot as well as one of the upper floor. That's a building to have a private detective's office slash apartment back in the 1950s.