Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Be Thankful For Not Being A Dick

I've been saving this one. Kurt Busiek has been writing ASTRO CITY for almost fifteen years, its his own creation. Characters mentioned that we've yet to see, heroes from the 70s and 80s. Streets and neighborhoods are nods to various Golden Age writers and artists, as are subway station entrances. Best of all, Mount Kirby rises nearby. Plus: there's a guy named Steeljack who looks just like Bobby the Mitch. Since it is Busiek's book, it has been published erratically over the last few years, but has regained its footing.

Which brings me to the letter I posted above, in the Astro City special about Astra, an analogue for a member of the Fantastic Four; AC is about the only comic that still has letter columns. The guy in question--let's call him Mr. Asshole, just to be nice--maybe never thought to see his letter printed and was pissed as he listed his accomplishments. His point was that all this fantastical shit happened to him over about sixteen months. It didn't really bum me out reading a bunch of bullet points written by an asswipe who is A/mostly certainly not a Democrat and B/someone Brett Easton Ellis should meet if he is ever going to write a sequel to AMERICAN PSYCHO.

I gave it a few days. Then I emailed Kurt with my own list of accomplishments in the same time frame, being laid off after 21 years, selling books and blood to eat, working for ten dollars an hour and now being on unemployment. I want to see that letter in print, I really do. I wasn't countering the--what was the name I came up with? Oh, right. Mr. Asshole--other guy's deeds, shallow as they are. My point was to tell Kurt, and hopefully the readers, that its not about being rich or being poor, the very reason people buy ASTRO CITY is because they want to forget their lives for awhile and look up in the skies to see a flowing cape. Sadly, certain people will only be looking at their cars, other women, or the inside of his pants, to see if the Cialis has kicked in yet.

And this is how I write my day before Thanksgiving post. Most of you know how much I despise the coming month, and the sheer gluttony of the holidays. I'll try to stay on my meds for the duration.