Tuesday, June 17, 2008

In Color and Black & White

Bob asked if I owned the Therrio painting, and I told him no, it was sold before I even saw it. Wouldn't have been able to afford it regardless. Here it is hanging at the art show at the old Bop Shop on Division and Hermitage in 1996, that's when the painting had already been purchased. But there are other items I have the originals or at least signed lithos, Greg Loudon had to do a painting of an Aliester Crowley-type vampire, and back in the 80s, he took advantage of my skinniness to use me on the cover (and in an interior shot I am NOT posting) for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Alex Ross, well known for his comic painting in gauche, has used me in several books. Here I am in the UN building listening to Superman. With my finger under my nose. I had posed for photos, and would in real life make an L of my thumb and forefinger and place them over my left jaw if I was truly attentive. Wayne