Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Memorial, Part Three: The Crazy Puppet Takes Us Home

Capcom wanted to know if Harry's site was still up, and I've told a few of you our plan is to get The Book of Harry (well, that's not really the title) out by this time next, well, this year. (Hmnn, I'm in a time loop). So I've posted a few things that Harry has left behind in the books I, too, will leave behind. Here, too, are the last of the photos from Harry's basement. I keep looking at that empty chair. I have a new printer/scanner/hoobajoo so when I get it set up and have the time, I'll scan other pieces he has done, for my story "Shots Downed, Officer Fired" in VICIOUS CIRCLE#2 and "When The Dead Men Walked Down Division Street" from THE SCREAM FACTORY's Night Of The Living Dead issue, and one more off the top of my head, from BIZARRE BAZAAR, "The Givers of Pain & Rapture." I think of that empty chair, but its more fitting that the puppet on strings is what I saw as I left Harry's world most likely the last time. And now it is 2009.