Saturday, December 11, 2010

Signs & A Garbage Can at Addison

More photos from when I went up to Wrigley Field after Ron Santo died.Of course I took photos of the girl in the ad on the el platform. What guy wouldn't? You'll notice some dick decided to call a new development Wayne Manor, approximately 20 years after I started using that name. It was on my letterhead that had the tag line "I'll Flatline...Before I Go Online" Sigh........ There is a Wayne Street nearby, as there is an Allen. Best I can do for my last name is LaSalle. I have a few photos at ground level which  will post soon. This is post #992, I'll hit a thousand for certain by New Year's, ideally I want to hit 1111 on 01/01/11. Anyways. The last photo was not posed, the newspaper was in the can. I was worried about the angle, but I think it came out decent.