Sunday, August 2, 2009

Finally...The Sixteenth Street Bridge

I'm better today, that video is of me after I type too long and I get all spastic-mental. Here are the bridge shots, I've mixed them up a bit, and I have a ton more that will end up on Flickr. The kayaking started at North Avenue, about three miles north of the bridge, and we ended up near the Cermak bridge. There was a detour to the main entrance to the river, the water changing from black to 7UP bottle green, and a woman in another kayak laughed as I unsuccessfully tried to take a photo of a stuffed pink money that was impaled beneath the Dearborn Street bridge by a rivet gun. Sometimes the current is against you, and I'm not the digital camera guy who tries again and again. Screw it, I know where it is. Maybe one day I'll take the photo from the riverwalk.

I love the 16th Street bridge. The second half of the bridge is always raised, the track on that side abandoned. Years ago I took a bus down Archer to Clark, then walked up to the bridge and walked across it, touching the iron. Its harder to do that now, there's been construction in the area. This was one of those things I've always wanted to do, glide beneath the bridge. Another thing to cross off on the list as I head west into the black...