Monday, June 1, 2009

Back to Brighton Park

Specifically Archer & Sacramento. One of the cooler intersections, but I am saving two photos of one building for tomorrow. Plus some shots of Balzekas, one of the Chrysler showrooms that is closing down. Back in 1992, there were crowds around that firehouse, I'd see them every day on my way to work at the comic shop, the goofy intersection which also included 46th Street. They filmed scenes from BACKDRAFT there, and you could see them driving the rig past the long building, now with the Zemskys sign, but in the 90s it was still Archer Avenue Big Store. I went in that place once, but ended up only buying shoelaces for my sneakers. Go figure. I put up a photo of how the southbound streets curve, because Archer is a diagonal artery. Lots of bungalows hidden by trees, a sharp bend just past the alley, this block was Archer and Montgomery. By far one of the oddest buildings at this intersection, on the southwest side, is Watra, a religious store. Look at that nutty balcony. I walked up close, the paint is faded,but it used to be a vibrant red and white, the colors of the Polish flag. Across the street is the place I'm saving for the next post. Rich Chwedyk might already know the greasy joint I'm talking about.

Truth In Advertising

Per my previous post, I do indeed have all of the original set of the Outer Limits cards. I should really post on my Universal Monsters trading card set, which came out about 1995. 105 cards in all, I think I have 97 of them. More when I actually post, but they are amazing.