Thursday, March 6, 2008

Everyone Said We Had A Screamin' Ball...Last Night At Dracula's Hall

The above is a song from the broken cassette Lana repaired, much to my giddiness. I wasn't even able to find out the name of the band who recorded the catchy tune. The gigantic house in the photo was built next door to me over the past 16 months, and I call it Castle Frankenstein, but obviously I've overused The Monster's formal name too often of late. So, Dracula's Hall it is. The closest house in the second photo is the old house, and mine is to the right and could easily fit in the garages of the new castle. The people who will eventually move in have Bobak Sausage money, so they can pretty much build whatever they want. The house torn down had been there since 1946, when much of Burbank was farmland. Fun fact: Burbank was simply South Stickney Township until 1970. I have photos of the other place--the widow Debo's house--that I need to get in order, because I have some cool demolition photos. Much like I've been demolishing my body lately, I do like to take photos of things leaving the face of this earth. The last photo is just guesswork on my part on how the next accident I have will change my appearance yet again....Wayne