Monday, August 27, 2007

Night Of The Two Moons

OK, OK, there are four moons there, I know this. I just couldn't decide on which one from my "Universe" folder to post. Tonight is the night of the two moons, an event which actually occurred in 2003, and you needed the aid of a telescope. Mars was at its closest for the first time in decades on August 27th 2003. Not again until 2287. Yet I have again received this email, presumably this will go on for however many years before 2287 that I have left before my dirt nap. Its a harmless email, I'm not expected to email it to a dozen people, its just a minor amusement for me to see this arrive from well-meaning friends and relatives towards end of July. For those who care to read more of my babblings, you can see tomorrow's post on the Storytellers Unplugged blog-- I babble about a few other things as well. Don't go looking for two moons, look at the lunar eclipse instead. If you want, I'll call you at 3:10 Central Standard Time to remind you. Just email me! Wayne