Friday, August 8, 2008

Fishnets For Vigoda!

As I mentioned in my mass email earlier today, G.W. Ferguson and I have decided to get an Abe Vigoda Posse going, and by having as many people post "Fishnets For Vigoda" along with the photo above, well, maybe we can get a huge hit on the Googleometer. The guy deserves the fame, folks. I've got a link to his personal blog, which is updated every day just to state that he is still alive. Mind you, I was sad when Jerry Orbach died, and I'm certain Sid Ceaser will go soon. But I wish the best to Mr. Vigoda, that he makes it another fourteen years, hits the age of 100, and is guest of honor at the Chicago Summer Olympics in 2016 along the way. (On the downside, I can say that I'm more than HALF Abe Vigoda's age. The humanity!). Please read this, pass it on, and tell all of your personal commenters to post FFV on their blog. Thanks, gang. I have photos from this week's Twilight Tales readings and will post them tonight or tomorrow...Wayne