Friday, June 27, 2008

Bubbly Creek Visuals

OK, gang. Here are more visuals since some of you think it makes for a good story setting. In reverse order, Bubbly Creek looking southward as it passes under I-55, the McLean (OK, Adlai) Stevenson Expressway, then shots of beneath the el tracks AND just before the climb up the ice gravel towards the actual bridge. The Archer Avenue Bridge stood out better years ago before I-55 and all the on and off ramps for I-90 and I-94 started winding all around it, making it look like a Gotham City version of Hot Wheels tracks. (This part of the city makes me recall lines from a Three Dog Night Song...four level highway across the land, building a home for the Family Of Man...) The bridge is hard to photograph in its entirety and it has this cool little office cubicle-sized operations center and/or portal to Alpha Centauri at the very top. Then there's the shot of the bridge in winter, and here is a better point than mentioning the bubbles. Every winter, no matter how cold it gets, Bubbly Creek does not freeze over, and I'm hard pressed to say I've ever seen small chunks of ice on the surface. Good for the ghost cows. The standing building is part of hobo town. The first shot is looking northward towards the downtown skyline (I took this photo from the other side of the abandoned warehouse "barrens," and if all goes to plan, expect to see Bridgeport Village townhouses eating up all the space there, which is probably the last vacant parcel of land until you get on the far side of the Loop. And I'm looking forward to a cattle version of POLTERGEIST when the spirits are disturbed by the construction and part of the graveyard is moved. Hey, it could work. They made a movie called NIGHT OF THE LEPUS, with 15 foot rabbits, didn't they?...Wayne

Bubbly Creek Redux