Monday, October 29, 2007

What's On Your NighPod?

I'll be talking music, but I've posted photos from some of our great horror programs here in Chicago over the years...

Awhile back, Sid had a "What's On My iPod?" post on his blog. I don't own one, being like The Amazing Colossal Man, I cannot operate such things as cell phones and those i-doodads. A NighPhone or a NighPod might be cool, something that foresees the near future. Or play songs like "Something In The Air Tonight" or "Deadman's Curve." Call me a futurist. My problem is I'd make everything REALLY big. Well, I could tell you what's on my cassette recorder. Its playing right now, I have two mixes from the mid-90s that have survived the new century better than I have. One is called "Beach Blanket Bodycount" and has some Frankie & Annette and Elvis and Mitchum singing some calypso along with monster songs. The other is a mix of trailers for VAMPIRE PLAYGIRLS and I WAS A TEENAGE WEREWOLF along with gems like "Bury, Bury, Baby" by Zacherly, "Surfin' Hearse" by Jan & Dean (not too cherry, but she could be worse), "Murder In The Graveyard" by Screaming Lord Strutch, and some songs by unknowns titled "Dead Man's Stroll" and "Do You Think I'm Psycho, Mama?" Strangely, the cassette ends with "The Man Who Shot Liberty Valence." A favorite of mine that no one has ever parodied (except me, I guess) would be Elmer Fudd riffing on the Bauhau's "Bela Lugosi's Dead": "...the bwats have weft the bewtowwa, the wictims have been bwed wed vwelvwet wines a bwack box, Bewa Wugosi's dead..." I'll write about Svengoolie, past and present, tomorrow. Creature Features opened with Henry Mancini's creepy song, yea, that one, something with the word Terror in it. Since I had to be scared by that as a kid, as adults you can all be frightened by Hasselhoff and his puppies...Wayne

Far Side Werewolf

Before I head off to work, I thought I'd post today's Far Side calendar joke. I'm a big fan of werewolves and funny pants.