Thursday, May 6, 2010

Elevated Trains and Empty Shoes, All In One Night

This is from a Monday a few weeks ago, on my way to Fullerton up north. Right there at 87th & Cicero, where I catch my bus, there was signs of an accident (some pieces of glass and chrome, part of a headlight) and these empty shoes. I think I know what happened there. (On my way home, maybe five hours later, the shoes were no longer there.) The photo of the Lowes sign at 87th & Vincennes that I posted a week back, that was on this trip, as well.

I couldn't pass up where the Green Line passes over the Dan Ryan and the Red Line around Garfield Boulevard. The sun was at a perfect angle and my train was able to catch up with the elevated train as it slowed for the curve.

Then, I usually cut through this short alley between Fullerton and Lincoln, mostly because I like walking down rainy alleys and staring up at windows. And, for reasons unknown, I found a pair of ladies' shoes on a back stoop. Shoes, trains, shoes. All on one Monday night.