Monday, May 12, 2008

Crippled and Insane...

Yes, those three words have long been my description in a nutshell (pun intended). Today, I received the galley copy of the anniversary edition of THE HOLY TERROR. One thing I like about it, aside from that it is finally an affordable trade, is that the cover copy focuses on The American Dream. He's one of the most remembered of my recurring characters, even though I never devoted more than a handful of stories about him. His appearance in the book was almost an afterthought, I had intended to simply focus on Vic Tremble, Francis Madsen Haid, and wheelchair-bound Mike Surfer. The Dream seemed to eclipse the other characters.

I dedicated this book, in part, to the memory of my namesake, my father's high school buddy Wayne Henley. I received the package containing the galley this evening. Around 1:00 this morning, Wayne's son Jeff emailed from his second shift job down in Kentucky, reminding me to give his daddy a chin nod because today would have been his 75th birthday...Wayne