Wednesday, March 17, 2010


As you can see, the bruises on my right knee have swollen and I think this one is shot now, over the past decade I have fallen on it twice, and its because its my right side that I'm not wincing in pain. I have bruises on my left knee, but more like bumps you get when you are a little kid.

what is bothering me is my strained right tricep, amazingly so, and I don't know why. I photographed where it has swollen up, but I'm sure its hard to tell. I can't even tell unless I make a fist as hard as I can. The left palm is healing and itchy. I mixed Super Glue in with the Neosporin, a neat trick I learned at the printing plant. Next time around, I'll tell about why I was in Arlington Heights to begin with, a far better tale than describing how I fell off the train platform.