Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Frozen Donkey Wheels & Nighthawks on Earth-14

Before I start, might I say that I would have understood the words of "The Weight" better if I knew that they were talking about Nazareth, PENNSYLVANIA. Ah, well. Thank you Sid and thank the wikipedia entry person.

Yep, the frozen donkey wheel (not to be confused with my left rotary cuff) has moved another notch. Rod Serling's stopped at 51, David Janssen's at 47. I'm an in-betweener. I did indeed purchase the Stuntman Mike action figure, but I can't put on the separate head (the Non-Smoking Stuntman Mike) and its too small to put on my finger to make a Kurt Russell finger puppet. I tried pulling the head off and found that the figure separates at the waist. I gave up. But I also bought Charlie Pace from LOST, I really wanted John Locke, but face it, I really look more like a hooded maniac writing on his fingers. Yet it all has become wayyyy overshadowed by the top pic. Capcom on my comments list and who I have never met but has a name that is meant to belong to a space shuttle commander in the next apocalyptic movie, she went and spent the day doing all that technology stuff to make an Earth-14 version of Edward Hopper's painting. I cried, because I was having a pretty crappy day for, like, at least 27 reasons, some happening simultaneously. I think the last time I cried involved the bottle of Mountain Dew incident, just trying to get a laugh and make people forget I was acting like a little girly-girl in between inwardly screaming at a Comcast operator and dealing with my body going all Mister Fantastic Being Probed By Skrulls on me. Complete strangers (well in real life) offer up cool stuff that they take time to make cool in the first place. I'm proud to share this timeline with so many of you and hope for redemption for each of you before I am gone...your chattel, Wayne