Thursday, July 31, 2008

City Shapes

I'm riffing on Cityscapes, I really can't think of anything better to call the post. I've been trying to keep the posts nightly, these photos being from the beginning of the Bubbly Creek camera shots, but I switched to Comcast on Monday, posted that night, and then Tuesday promptly tried to electrocute myself by touching the filament in a broken light bulb still in the socket in my closet.n For good measure, I was on a stool and my other (balancing) hand was on my old hard drive. My arm went numb to my elbow and I shorted out the power in three rooms for about 42 hours. On the plus side, my sinuses cleared pretty good, quiete possibly from my girly-scream. You've seen other photos, and how I can stand in a spot and wait for the right shot, as with the first photo. Taken at the Washington/Wells el stop, I was happily surprised that the lamps reflected on the train car. The next photo was in the alley behind the Cultural Center, I just like all the angles of white paint. The last is back up north near Belmont. I walked up the alley near Sheffield until I found a decent building with a broken window or dangling air conditioner, which I did just past School Street. All diverse shots, but I kinda like when I stick with shots of squalor and buildings that are doomed. I'll work on that....Wayne