Friday, January 9, 2009

While I Wait For My Flame Gun To Arrive...

We've been getting very little of the snowstorm that's all over the place, but the flame gun I ordered (well, I would, if it existed) will be handier next week when we are due to have three straight days where the highest temp will hit 7 degrees. So I think I should take out some more pulp fiction and just wait it out.

When Sandmen Were Sandmen

Since I have the new scanner up and running, I first put it to use to scan the envelope that arrived to my old joint just over a decade ago. One of my artist buddies, Doug Klauba, the guy I wrote that 19 word poem for back in the day. Just as I am a sucker for Hourman, Doug thinks that Wes Dodds, another character like Rex "Tick-Tock" Tyler who appeared with eighteen months of Superrman, is the bee's knees. If I could get mail with artwork like that on it every day, I'd pack a picnic basket around noon and

Stairway To Springfield

I was going to go with Governor's Island, but that's in NY, so I'm riffing on the Stairway to Heaven/Gilligan thing that most everyone knows for decades now. What's funny about this bit is that it looks like the faces have wobbly heads. In fact, George Ryan, our last governor, the guy who gave away free driver's licenses to people as far away as Florida and took everybody off of Death Row, ALWAYS looks like a bobble-head. Worse, when he opens his mouth, its like his lower jaw morphs into this crazy staple remover. And Rob Blagoavich always looks like he has butt plugs up his ass while he does his daily jog on the north side. So I'm posting this because it shows that its not just GW Bush that looks funny like a chimp in all his photo ops.