Sunday, August 1, 2010

AH! Cover Run

Mike Fountain replied to my last post with a link to artist Frank Cho's sketch of The Scarlet Witch. This guy latches onto Cho like he does with Justine Greiner, some Playmate from about 1982. Well, the guy I enjoy for his good girl art is Adam Hughes, who recently was the subject of the book Cover Run, which includes all of his covers for DC since 2003, as well as some commentary, as well as early covers from random magazines in the 90s. This, then, is AH!, and between you and me and Fountain's stack of  1982 Playboys, how the hell Catwoman is supposed to be running with breasts that size baffles me. (Power Girl has had large breasts since 1976, when her breasts were created by Wally Wood. He kept making them bigger over the course of a year.)