Thursday, August 21, 2008

Screwing With The Man

The Man in this case being the SS/Disability Board. I am STILL filling out the online form, mostly because I keep getting pages where I am repeating the same thing. Where I am repeating the same thing. I'm better today, as the evening has worn on. I'm in fighting mode again. But, I tell you, this damn form--now I'm up to my employment history, Christ knows if they want info from 1977 as they did with my medical info, I think I was a night dishwasher at a Golden Bear off State Road--this form, this THING, its as if Charles has ordered me at gunpoint to transcribe the history of the Green Lantern Corps. That's really what I should do, go back to the beginning and list my doctors as Batwoman, Green Lantern Tomar-Re from the planet Xudar (and don't ask why I have this in my head already), and Ultra, the Multi-Alien as my psychiatrist. I have no idea if they have a rubber stamp for my folder if I sent it that way. Wayne Al-Sall, Green Lantern of Space Sector 2814.