Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sit With Me, Spit With Me

Before I go back to photos from 63rd, I have a few more from the so-called 'Black Helicopter' roll. Whenever I'm done having lunch with Greg, or if I'm in the Loop too early to head up to the Twilight Tales readings, I'll stop by Graham Cracker Comics and then walk across Michigan Avenue. The Cloud Gate sculpture, where that fellow went unconscious back in May, is north, but right there are these two wonderful waterfalls made out of spitting faces. Kind of. We've had a better summer this month than in all of real summer, and there were lots of people feeling the spray of the water in the wind. I'll sit away from the area if I am writing, otherwise I'll just take it like the rest of them.The faces are there all year round, and obviously do not spit in the winter.