Tuesday, December 8, 2009

PSAs, Minstrils, and Idiots

These two pages were taken by from from a blog named Comics Make No Sense, run by Adam Barnett. His userpic is a drawing of Ulysses Solomon Archer, AKA US 1. See, Marvel did a comic about trucks, and US 1 had a metal plate in his head and could pick up Citizens Band transmissions by touching different fillings in his teeth. One of the faults of the book was that it hit the stands about seven years after CBs and Smokey & The Bandit 3 had come and gone. Anyhow, back to the PSA, from an early 1950s issue of World's Finest, which teamed Superman and Batman together in each issue. There we have it, let the black kid join whitey in a game of baseball. Then celebrate by going to a party in rubber masks that insult just about everybody but dwarfs. Ah, comics from the olden times.