Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Horror of Party Beach, Scene I

Since my files are temporarily hiding within the catacombs of my computer, I have no photos to post. I had planned to scan these pages from THOPB, a picture book that was published along with THE MOLE PEOPLE whose name escapes me. I recall the cover from a stack of books my older cousin Dennis had back on Crystal Street. The monster on the cover looks way cooler than in the film, where he looks like he has hot dogs stuffed in his mouth. I'll offer the rundown. By the way, this was filmed near Norwalk, Connecticut. Okay, low-paid workers dump a drum into Long Island Sound. GUSH! Hank & Tina are confronted by bikers as they zoom along to Party Beach, and the two "show hem some dust," and continue on as the bikers go RRROARR. Tina is hitting the bottle, Hank preaches so much that when they get to the beach, she dances like JoAnn Worley on LAUGH-IN for OVER SIX MINUTES.Then,the Del-Aires play "Zombie Stomp" and everyone wiggles around like gutted fish.EVERYBODY TWIST! Then a cliffhanger. The greasers show up!

Universal Monsters Monday V

I had thought it best to save my Universal Monsters Monday for October. And, as you all everybody know from my mass email a few minutes back, I have somehow lost several folders from my C drive. The shit that happens to me, I'll tell ya. Anyhow, the only reason I have these two images is because they were scanned earlier today. See, I have folders, but am missing folders, as well. Crazy, huh?

So...The Invisible Man. Sadly, I know next to nothing about the series of films. I actually know more about The Mummy. Of all the trading cards in the set, TIM has some of the best backside info. One reason I'm not hip to the series is that all of the UM films aired on Creature Features on WGN in the 1970s, Saturday nights at 10 PM. And rarely was The Invisible Man aired, maybe WGN couldn't get their hands on a decent copy. Anyhow. Next week will be The Mummy or Dracula, then after that This Island Earth. Now excuse me while I go weep uncontrollably because my computer has a mind of its own...