Thursday, October 30, 2008

Screaming Yellow Theater

The original Svengoolie was Jerry G. Bishop, a rock 'n roll dj on WFLD, our "Federation of Labor" station. SCREAMING YELLOW THEATER was broadcast on Channel 32, which is now Fox but back then you pretty much had to stick the antennae out the window to get a clear signal. I honestly never knew the show to be broadcast in color, as I watched in on a b&W TV in my room. Somehow I got to watch CREATURE FEATURES downstairs, but I think my parents were annoyed by Link Wray and the Ray Men playing over a woman's screams every three or four minutes. That, and the stupid jokes. One night, I saw HORRORS OF THE BLACK MUSEUM with Vincent Price for the first time, and the woman whose eyes get poked out by the binoculars with the spikes in them