Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Skeletons and Doorways

Yep, and more helicopters, too. The first I took from the window directly behind my computer. I'm still on to them. When I leave the readings at night, I am at a kinda sorta three way intersection. There's a no name alley I can cut through, which itself intersects, to save me a a minute or two in getting to the el, and about a month back, I had enough time to snap a few photos. Two would have come out if I had a digital camera, but screw that. You'll have to pry my $4.99 CVS disposable camera from my cold, dead hands.

A Happy Steranko-like Accident

Well, OK, not really an accident. The photo was off my computer, a commercial on Hulu while I was watching an episode of Vanguard. I loaded a bunch of other shots, including more of Dick Cheney's helicopters, but the rest are sideways. Some are pretty cool, crazy doorways and the like. For now you get to see the Wow! van, too.