Saturday, May 24, 2008

Back To The Sweet Lowdown

Well, I'm back to taking crappy job as Jonny Algiers, looking for women in faded photos pretending to drive a car by asking the bus driver if I can sit up right behind her as we move through the sludge of the city streets. No more of the south suburbs misery. Thanks for those who have blogged or email me about my job loss. I came out of the last two years now knowing a trade, after having been sitting behind a desk for most of my adult life. The two years I was at the plant put me a position I never expected I'd be in, running some jobs by adapting with resources at hand because of being on the midnight shift, reeking of ink in my leather jacket and numerous t-shirts. More upper body weight I can't let go to Half Century Man flab. I took the train downtown today, mostly just to wander on a sunny, cloudless day and snap some photos of buildings in the process of being doomed. On the way down the winding Orange Line, I saw the familiar Wheatland Tube Company, the paper company with their banner at 2249 So. Canal. A whole different set of jobs I can apply for that I never could have two years ago. (Should I need to go undercover as Jonny Algiers as a page laminator, of course). I'll get in the groove I did during the very hot summer of 05, where I similarly adapted by writing nonfiction and concorcodances for the TV show LOST and tributes to one of my mentors, Evan Hunter. I've always lived near the lower class, never making more than $30,000 a year and having medical bills and prescriptions eating up more of that than I'd like to think, and this was even when I had health insurance. I've had mixed feelings today compared to yesterday in regards to the unemployment. Maybe because when I lost my job in 05, it was the ass end of winter, and now its the beginning of summer, a season I've always been detached from as I live my secluded little life. I'll continue to read a bit tomorrow, concentrate on writing by Monday, and take it from there. That's what most private investigators do, anyways, particularly when they are still on dial-up...Wayne