Sunday, February 8, 2009

More Great Disaster

I loved the space comics DC put out in the 1960s, Gardner Fox wrote about a billion stories a month, even as he worked on The Flash and Green Lantern. He created The Atomic Knights, and I just loved how they rode around on giant Dalmatians, pretty much just exploring the country. It was established that a nuclear war had occurred in October of 1986, and, in some small ways, there are slim connections to Kamandi, the giant animals playing a big part. DC puts out these SHOWCASE books, all B&W reprints, 525 pages for $15.00. Much of Kirby's stuff has already been published in Omnibus form, and deservedly so, but there's an upcoming Showcase entitled TALES FROM THE GREAT DISASTER, and it will be fun. Remember when I said I'd settle for the Australian Kanga-Rats? Well, I think those guys are moles on the cover, but if I have to settle for that, that's okay by me.