Thursday, May 3, 2007

Not In Metropolis

I had planned on writing about Bubbly Creek, as Larry had me dig up my old photos of the creek o' stockyard revenants. Then Bob Smith, that Hemlock Man (as opposed to that Mitchum Man), asked about that Beppo drawing. I am very good friends with painter Alex Ross, who is known as much for his comic art as he is for the models he uses for specific heroes and villains. You can see me as a UN delegate in SUPERMAN: PEACE ON EARTH and in the background (behind a Superman) in the futuristic KINGDOM COME. The coolest thing was when Alex took photos of me a few years back, my head and shoulders from various angles. In the current issue of JUSTICE, it pays off as hundreds of Brainiac robots are torn apart by tons of heroes over a two-page scene. The close-up here includes Donna Troy, who I am sure has a human counterpart walking the streets of Chicago, hopefully not ready to beat the crap out of me if I approach her for a date.