Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Cortisone, In Pictures

These are from yesterday. The stuff they freeze you with wears off first and then once you see your urine turning orange, that means the bad stuff is flushed out of your system. And at least for a few days, I'll be able to get a bit more done. I've typed 7 more pages on the novel, pulled weeds, and actually did push-ups again. I made a video of these shots with my webcam, I can't seem to post anything but stills here. So I'm putting it on my YouTube page and it will then bounce over to my Facebook page.

The Horrifying Secret of Bubbly Creek

My thanks to the Rev. Lee Snavely for providing these lovely book covers.I emailed him back that, coincidentally, we had Asian flying carp creating problems for us last autumn. Coincidence...or was it???