Saturday, May 31, 2008

I'm Being Followed By A Moonshadow

The subject heading would have read I Am Zardoz, but I didn't think many of you would know of that strangle little Sean Connery film, but then again, how many of you are familiar with Cat (Yusef) Stevens lyrics? I took the train up north to eat pizza and watch some films with Larry and Tycelia at their apartment. Larry showed me a new camera thingie on his wife's Mac and we took a few photos. That's Larry in the center, but almost all of you know that already. I had to cut out around 10 PM because it takes about two hours to get home via train, then bus, but the coolest moment was as I walked down Wilton Street a block to the el. From some apartment, "Riders On The Storm" was playing. I heard it my entire time and let it fade with ...killer on the road as I turned onto noisy Belmont Avenue. Anyways, here's the photos...Wayne