Thursday, September 2, 2010

And Who The Hell is Earl?

Mike Sterling and others of his ilk have started a blog listing the best of the best comments to certain Yahoo news articles. It is time to show this to the world...

Wednesday, September 1, 2010
“When has science ever discovered something coming from nothing? Why not believe Scientology? Isnt that science as well?”
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“Evolution is not a proven fact since there is nothing that proves changing of species. For instance no half reptile half bird fossils. So until there is 100% proof of evolution dont judge christians. The bible mentions things that science has only recently discovered. How come the bible mentions that the world was round when at that time most people that the earth rested on an animal? How come underwater springs were mentioned in the bible but science didnt confirm that as fact until 1977?”
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“The first real death from GLOBAL WARMING…..Thank you AL GORE !!!!!!!!! Liberalism is a mental disorder…………”
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Tuesday, August 31, 2010
“geo engeinerring is geno-cide killing us off, ive done a two year long study on this, known as chemtrials spraying all over the world, and guess who is is one of the ones funding this, microsofts bill gate , he is working with the illuminatti to change the climate, people voice agains this protest at the whitehouse, tell your family, your church, your friends”
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“I love how its a parents right to choose when it comes to sucking a baby out of the womb with a friggin vacuum, but somebody wants to pray over their baby, and all of a sudden its “oh that poooor innocent baby.” Give me a break, if a parent wants to practice their religion freely in this country then let them. Every baby thats prayed over aint dying.”
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Dear Earl,

Please steer clear of New Orleans. America does not want to listen to another round of ignant bafoons yammering on about how they didn’t get the help they deserved….Hey Kanye…blow me.
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Monday, August 30, 2010
“If I can be serious, this man is an artist, and with women ruining figure drawing, what else is left for men? Hiking? Biking? Men need to do something ahead of women! women will follow, but a man is the leader! Women shouldn’t think they can surpass men because that going to kill our ego and if i don’t have my ego im going to start climbing!”
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“…the bible says the antichrist will not be circumcised and the gay man who had an affair with obama swears he is not circumcised—hes evil—and Henry Kissenger said that the bilderbergs have groomed obama to bring about the new world order and it will start to emerge by 2011—Hes the antichrist-but their will be some kind of head wound first then he will become possesed then anyone not following JESUS will be sent a strong delusion to follow obama…”
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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Racism is good. Racism promotes competition, which in turn promotes excellence.

Racism is biological, a way a species has to improve itself. Just ask yourself: who are your best friends? With whom you identify in movies? Whose history you care about? What sort of people make you feel the most comfortable?

All that is programmed in our genome. We can try to be hypocritical, but we cannot deceive ourselves. That is the way it’s meant to be, so we help our own to achieve higher and higher goals. Our competition and the hatred fueling it are good, a positive thing for the species as a whole.
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“The internet is a fad. It is already starting to phase out. More people are using cell phones which when people realize are bad for their health and are a waste of money those will be phased out too.”