Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Graveyard Millionaire Fundraiser

Contrary to the Loop background in the photo, this thing will be held at the North Avenue docks, where the kayak rentals are. Its a fundraiser for kayaking and boating for disabled people, and I'm down with that. I will at least advertise it, because the tickets are $65.00 each. The location makes it difficult for any real public transportation later in the evening, unless I walk to the North/Clybourn subway entrance. I am doing a focus study next week that pays $400.00 but some of that is allocated for my dog's annual shots. So we'll see. Not quite a Hallowe'en post, but I was just emailed the invite about twenty minutes ago. Might be worth mention that the background is what my repeated dreams look like, the el and the wet streets, late night, crowds of people in the distance as a bullhorn shouts orders. I actually saw that in my head when I opened the email, which came from the kayaking company.