Saturday, February 7, 2009

More Kirby Creations

At least Capcom wanted to be with the Pueblo builders. At the bottom is a new map, one that detailed exactly where Kamandi had travelled (or at least heard of), and it seems as if that crazy-ass Land Bridge To Ireland is gone. Seriously, Mr. Kirby, can I score something off of you next time I have writer's block? Here's those photo covers I promised, plus a double page from an unknown DC comic that is just mind-bending. (It might have been Jimmy Olsen. Yes. Kirby's first DC work was on Superman's pal). The Black Racer on the NEW GODS cover was Death, he skid into everyone's room before they died and he was black. Hey, it was 1971. There is so much to talk about still, but I also agree with Mike Fountain about what they had going over at Marvel with Wundagore Mountain. But I've always been a DC guy, even after Kirby went back to Marvel in 1975 and created THE ETERNALS, DEVIL DINOSAUR (and Moonboy!), and one or two more off the wall insanities that escape me now. Enjoy Kamandi in Chicago, where he fought the robot gangsters (in an amusement park), then found the real city submerged in Monster Lake.