Friday, February 27, 2009

That's Why He's Known As Skinless Frank

A happy accident, I was looking for something on Google and found some actual Burma Shave signs. Somewhere I have this book called THE SIGNS ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD. I saw portions of one of the sets of four signs in Indiana once, according to the book many were in states like South Dakota and Wyoming, which seemed odd, seeing as how you'd miss the population. Maybe it was meant for long haul truckers. I wonder if the Skinless Frank in HELLRAISER came from the slogan above? At the back of the book, every slogan, year by year. Some were freaking brutal. TIRED?...JUST REMEMBER, PARD...THAT CONCRETE SLAB...IS DOGGONE HARD...BURMA SHAVE. I saw that, even in the passenger seat in the middle of the day, that would freak my shit out. Seriously.