Monday, December 8, 2008

Knockin On Heaven's Door Knock Knock

Listening to Eric Clapton on a CD mix. Yeah, I got glasses again. Bifocals, even. Very low prescription, but it amazes me how many people think that because I had Lasik in 2000, my eyes would always be fine. I'm like, I don't have Terminator eyes! Though that might be cool, until I sent a laser beam into my crotch when my neck spasms. I had glasses when I was 5, and in 2000, my eyesight was 30/400 (no typo there). So the last couple days have been interesting. I was going to post last night on it being the anniversary of the United plane that missed Midway and landed on four homes, my dad being the second squad at the scene, coming home a day later and leaving our house smelling like blood and smoke for a week. But I'm involved in a writing project and I outlined an entire novel until 3:30 this morning. The weather has been below zero as soon as the sun drops away. Forrest Ackerman passed away, though obituary ghouls were calling him gone in the middle of November. GW Ferguson sent me a link for a Cthulhu coloring book for kids, and I recall a time when my sister gave me the stinkeye for giving Ashley MAKING FRIENDS WITH FRANKENSTEIN, a book of poetry that she adored. I'm way tired. And I'm not shaving, for a few days I'll have that Bruce Willis 12 MONKEYS look, then I'll keep it until it turns grey, or maybe not. I'll be around.