Friday, June 13, 2008

Trying To Explain Sci-Fi Films of The 1970s

Rev. Lee sent me this cartoon which I found quite humorous, and instead of just emailing it to everyone, I copped it up for the blog. This shows is a great illustration for the generation gap, and it doesn't even mention tag lines from WEREWOLVES WITH WHEELS, ZARDOZ, and Ray Milland at the end of his career film, THE INCREDIBLE MELTING MAN, or THE TERRIBLE TWO-HEADED TRANSPLANT (with Milland and Rosy Grier: tag line by Grier's girlfriend, "Is that all you have two of?") Also the craziest ending in any film, Rosy and his girl and some black dude who probably was like Lamont's friend on SANFORD & SON driving around, playing the radio, and singing "Happy Days Are Here Again." Oh, and let's not forget THE GIANT SPIDER INVASION. I see another post in my future. And, no, that's not a tag line from the film...Wayne