Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Photos That Scare Me

49th & Pulaski, Eat & Dance The Polka!

Capcom, I have no idea why Julie London is there, and as everyone seems to agree, Dan Duryea needs $53 for that call girl. Me, I'm thinking he needs the cabbage to go to a doc to be treated for an STD. Rich Nebula-winner Chwedyk emailed me and said that the green guy is indeed Doctor Solar, Man of The Atom, but face it, it looks like one of those phones from the future we always hear about. But "we" I mean me and my various aliases, Jonny Algiers, the Scarlet Corgi of 1966, Marlboro Spartacus Mitchum, those guys. Oh, and Thelonius Mel. He's new.

OK. Just before the Orange Line hits Pulaski Station at 51st Street, there's a cool patch of businesses going northward. This area is Archer Heights, the biggest Polish area left in Chicago, with many of the younger Polish folks moving to Burbank. So, if you can dig it, this building with the EAT sign has been closed for years. Yet, the sign remains. Further down is the Romantic Club, owned by people who have no intention whatsoever of having anyone repaint their sign. Again, been there forever. Polka music all the time, doors open in the summer. The kind of place writers like to write about. That's all for now, gang. I'm heading west into the black.