Monday, August 26, 2013

Gallery 37 at Midway Airport

All of the Gallery 37 paintings were made by students, that much I know, high school students. The latter photos have been around since the late 90s. I wish I could tell you more, there is no sign for them, and the Google is not helping me.

If I have no other choice, I'll need to get a cab home after I get off the Orange Line. Only costs $15.00. But to get to where the cabs are, I have to turn away from the bus terminal, go up the escalator, then go down two halls where the artwork in question hangs on windows overlooking parking areas on the street. There are several more hallways to walk through, each created so that you can look at photos of Chicago or space (provided by the Adler Planetarium). Finally you pass through a big room and there are a dozen pieces of art by scout troops (again, Gallery 37), each of these represent one of the neighborhoods on the south and southwest side of Chicago. I'll post these one day, once I have all the neighborhoods. At the end of the "room", electric doors open, and you are on the second floor of the airport itself, Departure/Arrival signs for Red Eye and next day flights, for the most part. Escalator to ground level and past the empty luggage turnstiles. Out the doors to the long line of people waiting for a longer line of cabs.

I suppose I could have just said here's what I see when I'm going to Midway to catch a flight, but I haven't been on a plane since 2000 (to Denver). Anyhow. Behold said paintings...