Saturday, November 3, 2007

Footloose Flashbacks

I fully expect to have some odd dreams come 4:30 when the REM kicks in. Tonight I was at Reavis High School watching a production of FOOTLOOSE because my niece and godchild Ashley was in the crew who built the church and the bridge platform. Her quote in the program book was exactly what I'd expect from her, having been trained so well by her Uncle: "Imagination is more important than knowledge." (Of course, if she follows up in that thinking as I seemed to, well, who knows what the employment outlook might be.) Her best line to me a year ago was "I don't watch the news, because it's all made up." Pretty much true, when you think about FOXNews Live and Geraldo Rivera describing New Orleans post-Katrina as "what Dante must have imagined when he wrote "The Inferno." (Never mind Dante wrote "The Divine Comedy"). So now I have memories of 1980-something stuck in my head, when I had hair covering my ears, worked with the Elvis band, never dreamed I'd apply for a job at CLOWNS2GO and selling my cache of 1960s Supermans for food money. During the intermission, the piped-in music included Boy George and whatever band played "(Wake Me Up (Before You Go-Go)." the end of the play, everyone danced to "The Time Warp," one of my all time favorite songs, if only for the line "the black mists start calling." So you're guess is as good as mine if Kevin Bacon (or Boy George *shudder*) will visit me behind my eyelids dressed as FrankenFurter, or if it will be a mix of Elvis rehearsals in an attic off Archer and St. Louis, the movie theaters long gone like the Marquette and the Colony, or me being dressed as Slappy the Clown (which thankfully never happened as I got the job at the printing plant). I'm probably not helping matters by listening to a Cat Stevens CD right now, either...Wayne