Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Last of The 16th Street Bridge

A few more shots from the reverse end, this time looking north and east from near the Cermak Bridge. I talked to those geese, sat right up there on the rocks with them. Gave me something to do, the whole trip the only people we passed were a couple of old Chinese guys who were either saying to us that, no, there were no fish, or, no, we don't understand you. My pantomiming using an 8mm camera instead of a fishing rod likely didn't help.

The thing about the photo in last night's post is that any house all lit up like that gives me the willies. I can imagine walking up to the window...and seeing a shivaree of clowns playing Twister. Yes, that image is actually in my. They see me and, really, where the hell can I go? I'm dead.