Saturday, April 11, 2009

48th & Oakley,McKinley Park

These are the two-flats I was looking for before I became mesmerized with the vinegar factory. I agree with Dave, I never really thought there were vinegar factories anywhere, I don't know why. There is a massive aloe factory further north on Western, it makes everything smell like soap.

The buildings I saw from the train were the ones with three different colors, then I came across the one by the alley, then the one with the cat in the window and the alien spaceship on the roof. My favorite is the walled up building with the crooked tree in front. Look at that tiny bit of plastic in the grass, you'd think someone would have taken it and flung it somewhere, I mean, what's it shielding? I wanted to wander more, even take photos of Wheatland Tube, but I needed to get that train and get to Midway, the end of the line. The buses suck on Saturday, I miss one, its an hour until the next one.