Thursday, March 8, 2012

Four Sticks

I didn't realize that yesterday's post was 1,111. So I'll rectify that. Look at the photo of Eliot Ness, which comes from a Max Collins novel. Eliot Ness in 1934. Look at his goddamn watch. Son of a bitch.

Waiting On My Bus

Some of these I took after getting off the Orange Line, knowing I had a 30 minute wait on my bus. It was warmer to climb up to where passengers started their trek to the terminals in a maze of hallways. I took a few shots using my 4x zoom and you can compare with the next two how crazy our weather is, totally clear the next day. The last shot matches with the first two, only the bus is stopped at the light on 63rd. The plane came out of the clouds and frankly scared the shit out of me.