Thursday, January 7, 2010

Chicago, Winter, Summer

I've been following a blog by Justin Kern, The Windy Pixel. Just stopping in now and then. Since we've had our first ice/snowstorm this winter--the last three storms literally hit Michigan thanks to the lake winds--I thought I'd post a few of his shots. He simply asksd to mention his name and where to find him. He has a Flickr account, as well. I love the tentacles of frozen rebar, this is at the North Avenue beach. The scary fellow is Frank Lloyd Wright and then we have the Milky Way. Tomorrow is Elvis's birthday and we all know that he didn't die in 1977, her just went home. The bottom photo Kern posted on New Year's, but it is a photo taken last summer and so I dig it even more.

Greg Loudon will be giving me a digital camera the next time I have lunch with him. Not saying I'm going to use it. Has a telephoto lens attachment. Not saying I'm going to use it. But there are those helicopters and...well, helicopters. All I have in my life right now. Maybe I'll compromise and use the digital camera while I'm listening to my Omega 8 transistor radio. But if you like the above photographs, check out Justin Kern at and knock your socks off. Or slaqp yourself silly. Whatever snaps your garters, kids.