Monday, February 9, 2009

Kara Zor-El

Well, OK, Jimmy Olsen's up to his crazy antics at the bottom. Dig the face on that cab driver, though. Earlier, I had been up north reading, warmish night, rained a bit, but its after 1 and I need to be up by 7. Plus, I should have some photos developed, hopefully a few from tonight's full moon reflected in the rain were a success. Crazier things have happened with me and my disposable cameras. I'd rather write a nice and slow rundown of events.

Instead, I'll finish my (sort of) comic posts with my personal favorite, Supergirl. She's my favorite because I like anything created in 1959, so that goes for Green Lantern, too. As you can see, though, 1959 was a goofy time in the era Mort Weisinger edited the Superman line. The horse at the top, that's Comet. He had a crush on Supergirl, while he was still a horse, until he was able to turn into a centaur whenever a comet flew past the Earth. I'm not certain how the transformation occurred, or why Kal-El is hitting on his cousin, but again, two words: Mort Weisinger. You worked for him, you could pull an idea out of your @$$ and he'd OK it. Ah, to have been in comics back then...

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